India Advantage

The Advantages India Offers for IT Companies

Since the Government of India liberalized the IT and telecommunications sector in the late 1990s, it has provided the right impetus to companies working in this sector. India can emerge as the clear industrial leader in the near future, if it maintains due diligence
Today India has one of the most robust and fastest growing economies. The recent recession witnessed in the developed nation, and the Dubai economic crisis have had very little effect on its growth in the IT and the industrial sectors. India offers high quality IT and IT-enabled Services at low cost, using state-of-the-art technology. Convergence has led to lowering of tariffs, plentiful availability of bandwidth at increasingly lower cost, competition and growth in technology, especially fiber optics and wireless technology. India's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) organizations are counted among the best known and most reputed ICT solutions and services providers worldwide. Scores of global ICT leaders have invested in India, making the country their hub for software development, offshore outsourcing and R&D. India has an investor friendly environment. To encourage the growth of the IT sector in India, the government too has lowered the entry barriers. FDI can be made in most sectors through the automatic route.
India has a proven track record as a world-class software development centre. IT companies in India generate about 75 per cent of their total revenue from offshore development

The Advantages India Offers for IT Companies
Benefits of Outsourcing to India
  • Skilled and inexpensive IT resources
  • A thriving software industry, backed by government initiatives
  • Helpful initiatives like rationalization of taxes, IT friendly budgets aimed at promoting investment
  • Availability of English speaking workforce
  • Concrete steps to upgrade the IT infrastructure of India
  • The role played by academic institutes that promotes research and innovation
  • A stable democracy based on the parliamentary system of governance.
  • An independent Judiciary and a free Press.
  • Highly developed banking network and financial services.
Apart from the above, some other advantages India offers is market driven economy, huge forex reserves, no legal tangles, Re/dollar parity, continued economic policies, conducive business climate and good ROIs.