Web Design Resources

Web Design Resources

Web site designing is a fascinating field, with many facets to it. The idea behind presenting these articles is to make the browser aware about the various elements that contribute to a good design. We firmly believe that once you understand the basic web designing process and principles, you will avoid the associated pitfalls.

Since we are an India based company, we also include articles pertaining to Pune and India that might prove an interesting read. From general web designing tips, seo, web applications, e-com websites to logo designing, we cover them all!

We keep updating this section with new articles, so keep visiting...

Website Design

Choosing a Website Designer

Choosing your website designer is important. This page provides some guidelines that will help you in making the correct choice....Read More

Website Redesigning

You may need to redesign your website if it looks obsolete and has dated content or need SEO services....Read More

Website Usability

Relevant content, information and rich YI experience are two of the most important contributing factors of a successful website...Read More

General Interest

Whose Website is it anyway?

Site owners should remember that a well designed website means one for their end users, not which they think is well designed....Read More

Website Project Management

Website management is a crucial aspect of website designing. Follow these guidelines to manage your website correctly....Read More

Web 2.0

There is much hype about Web 2.0. This article tries to explain what Web 2.0 means...Read More

Search Engine Optimization

How Search Engines Work

Search engine is software to find stored information on various machines by using keywords. They have spiders or crawlers that index a web site....Read More


The benefits and utility of search engine optimization, and some guidelines on how many keywords to chose....Read More

The Importance of Proper Keywords

Good keyword research helps in bringing qualified traffic to a website. You should fine tune and choose the proper search engine optimization company to succeed....Read More

Web Design Technologies

Mobile Enabled Websites

The web is a constantly evolving phenomenon. In the last couple of years, there has been a mini revolution in the field of hand held (mobile) devices....Read More

Web Applications

A web application is any software program application that uses a web browser as a 'client'. Applications can range from something as simple as a message board or a guest sign-in book to as complex as a spreadsheet or a word processor....Read More

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to availability of dynamically scalable IT enabled capabilities (hardware and software) from third party vendors over a network....Read More